Guidelines and Requirements for Prospective CWRs

Certification Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of the application for the Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator exam
  • Payment of required fees
  • Take and pass the CWR examination

Attainment of Certification

Candidates who pass the Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator™ examination will receive a certificate indicating their certification status and will be permitted to use the trademarked designation CWR™ after their names. A registry of Certified Wildlife Rehabilitators will be maintained by the CWR CRB and publically displayed on the CWR website. Certification status is recognized for a period of 2 years at which time the candidate must either submit 16 hours of approved continuing educations hours (CE) or retake and pass the current Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator™ examination to retain certification.

Revocation of Certification

The CWR CRB reserves the right to revoke certification for any of the following reasons:

  • Falsification of any part of an application
  • Misrepresentation of certification status
  • Violation of the IWRC Code of Ethics