CWR Application Process, Fees, and Forms

Completion of Application and Payment Submission Instructions

The CWR™ application may be filled out and submitted online through the CWR™ website. Complete all information requested on the application. An application that is not completed in its entirety will be sent back to the candidate and will need to be resubmitted.

Online CWR Application

CWR candidates who choose the proctored hard-copy examination format must submit the name and contact information of the individual they would like to serve as proctor for approval.  Visit the CWR Proctored Exam Information page for more information.

Special testing arrangements may be made for candidates with special needs.  Visit the CWR Special Needs Exam Accommodations Policy page for more information.


The following are the fees associated with the CWR™:

Application fee:          $115 per application

Re-testing fee:             $40 per attempt

Renewal fee:               $40 per cycle

Refund Policy

There will be no refund of any fees.