Approved CE List

CWR Approved Continuing Education List

During the 2 year certification period, CWR’s must accrue a total of 16CE (1CE=1hr) in order to renew

Approved Online Courses

Recommended CE granted for all approved online courses. A Certificate of Completion must be provided in order to receive credit for CE towards renewal.
Animal Behavior Institute Wildlife Rehabilitation Courses
Animal Jobs Direct Animal Care Courses
ASPCA Online Courses
AWARE Wildlife Center-Wildlife Rehabilitation Courses
Colorado University Veterinary Medicine Continuing Education

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Home Study Course in Bird Biology

Center for Wildlife Studies Online Courses

EdX Intrroduction to Animal Behaviour
Humane Society Academy Courses and Free Webinars
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. Compassion Fatigue
International Veterinary Information Service
IWRC Courses
LafeberVet Continuing Education Webinars
NAVTA Education Portal Courses
Penn Foster Forestry and Management Program
Purdue Veterinary School of Medicine PVW Continuing Education
RACE Approved Courses Pertaining to Veterinary Medicine
San Diego Zoo Global Academy
Thompson Rivers University
Tufts University Veterinary Medicine Webinars
Universal Class- Snakes of the Western Hemisphere
Universal Class- Wildlife Rehabilitation for Beginners
University of Minnesota – The Raptor Center
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
Vet Bloom Veterinary Continuing Education Courses
Vet Dental CE Webinars (ADCE)
Vet Med Team RACE and VHMA Courses Pertaining to Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine Courses in Malaysia
Vetfolio CE Courses
VIN/VSPN Continuing Education Courses for Veterinarians and Support Staff
Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine CE Courses
Wildlife Center of VA-Wildlife Rehabilitation Courses
Windstar Wildlife Institute-Certified Wildlife Habitat Naturalist Course

Approved Conferences

Location/ Past Locations

8CE per day of attendance granted for all approved conferences A Certificate of Attendance must be provided in order to receive credit for CE towards renewal
Arizona National Wild Turkey Symposium USA-Arizona
The California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitation Symposium USA-California
Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association USA-Florida
Florida Gulf Coast Biodiversity Conference USA-Florida
International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine USA-Florida
AWARE Wildlife Center Courses and Workshops USA-Georgia
Purdue Veterinary Conference USA-Indiana
IVMA Annual Meeting Registration For Veterinarians USA-Indiana
Annual Conference of the Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association  USA-Maryland
University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine-Exotics Symposium USA-Missouri
New Mexico Ornithological Society Annual Meeting USA-New Mexico
Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina Annual Symposium USA-North Carolina
New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council’s Annual Conference USA-New York
Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitation Association USA-Ohio
Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Conference USA-Pennsylvania
EDUCARE Compassion Fatigue Symposium USA-Texas
Wildlife Center of Virginia Call of the Wild Conference USA-Virginia
Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Conference USA-Washington
International Urban Wildlife Conference Varies-USA
NWRA Symposium Varies-USA
IAATE Conference Varies-USA
Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference Varies-USA
AAZK Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference Varies-USA
Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Varies-USA
The Wildlife Society Annual Conference Varies-USA, Canada
IWRC Symposium Varies-USA, Canada
European Wildlife Disease Association Varies (USA, Australia, Canada, Germany)
Stetson University College of Law-International Wildlife Law Conference Varies (USA, Cameroon, India, Spain)
Annual International Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association Varies(USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Finland, Iceland, Latin America, Scandinavia, )
Society for Conservation Biology Varies (USA, Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Oceania, South America)
Raptor Research Foundation Annual Conference Varies (USA, Canada, Czech Republic, England, South Africa, Scotland, Israel, Mexico, Spain)
International Peregrine Conference Varies (USA, Hungary, Poland,)
World Conference of Ecology Restoration Varies (USA, Brazil, Finland)
OIE World Organization for Animal Health Varies (Malaysia, Paris, Thailand, Switzerland, Vietnam, West Africa, Mexico, Panama
Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland Irish Wildlife Crime Conference Ireland
World Owl Conference Varies (Netherlands, Portugal, India)
International Conference of Wildlife Ecology, Rehabilitation, Conservation Varies (Europe, North America, Asia)
International Conference on Wildlife Conservation Biology Varies (Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Malaysia, Brazil)
International Mammalogical Congress Varies (Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, UK)
World Seabird Conference Varies (Canada, South Africa)
More European Conferences Varies-Europe
Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia Australia
Africa Animal Welfare Conference Africa, Virtual
International Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation Australia
Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC-BC Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference

British Columbia

Wildlife Conferences in Singapore


Pacific International Conference on Avian Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine


International Conference on Aquaculture & Marine Biology



Approved Workshops


Recommended CE granted for all approved workshops/ classroom courses A Certificate of Completion must be provided in order to receive credit for CE towards renewal
The Rattlesnake Conservancy Venomous Training USA-Florida
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Wildlife Courses USA-Louisiana
USDA Animal Welfare Information Society USA-Maryland
Tufts University Veterinary Medicine CE USA-Massachusetts
North Carolina Veterinary Medicine Courses and Workshops USA-North Carolina
Arc Wildlife Courses and Workshops USA-North Carolina
Wildlife Rehab INC Courses and Workshops USA-North Carolina
Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina Courses and Workshops USA-North Carolina
USFW National Conservation Training Center Wildlife Related Workshops USA-West Virginia
DNR Wildlife and Ecology Related Workshops


Master Birder Program (Contact local Audubon Society) Varies-USA
Master Naturalist Program Varies-USA
RACE approved courses pertaining to veterinary medicine Varies-USA
IWRC Workshops Varies-USA, Canada, Mexico
North American Forest Ecology Workshop Varies-USA, Canada
International Veterinary Opportunities SAVMA IVSA Varies-Central & South America
European Wildlife Disease Association Varies-Europe
Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Opportunities Varies-Global
Murdoch University Veterinary Workshops Australia
Kanyana Wildlife Training Courses Australia
Native ARC Australia
Taronga Conservation Society Veterinary Professional Training Australia
Wilderness Medicine CME African Wildlife Safari Africa

  Alternative CE Options 

CE Granted

Required Documentation

Wildlife-related internship/externship 1CE per 8 hours Official syllabus OR Official Description of Program AND Certificate of Completion OR
Letter from Direct Supervisor
Participation in wildlife-related research Total research time hours Letter from Principal Investigator the research and stating the CWR’s hours and duties performed
Attendance at a wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related conference 8CE per day Certificate of Attendance
Attendance at a approved wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related training course or workshop Recommended CE Certificate of Completion
Accredited University or Community College wildlife or veterinary related courses Total class time hours Official Transcript
Presentation of a paper at a wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related conference 8hrs Presentation on an Official Schedule and Copy of Presentation
First or second authorship of a paper published in an approved wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related journal 16hrs Journal Article
Third or more authorship of a paper published in a wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related journal 8hrs Journal Article
Instructor of a wildlife, veterinary, ecology, or conservation related course *courses will only be approved one time Recommended CE

Official syllabus with your name as the instructor